Aikido training is very price competitive with other sports or codes. The fee structure for Devonport Aikido is made up of two components; a Membership fee and Training fees.

Membership Fee

Once you decide to become a member of Devonport Aikido and want to begin regular training, you will need to pay an annual membership fee for the year Jan – Dec.

The annual membership fee is payable to the Aikido Shinryukan Association.  It is the national Aikido body that links our club to Japan and administers and maintains Aikido gradings in New Zealand.  Our affiliation means that any grade that you or your children receive through Devonport Aikido, will be internationally benchmarked and recognized.

It also allows members to train at affiliated Aikido dojo throughout New Zealand at a discounted rate.

The annual membership fee is currently $40 for Adults. It is $20 for Juniors.

Training Fees

Training fees are calculated based on the New Zealand school terms.

Juniors per term   $125

Adults per term   $150

We have discounts for multiple family members, Royal New Zealand Navy personnel as well as flexible payment options.  Please talk with us about your unique situation.

Once you are a member,  you can train at any or all of the classes that are in your age range.  Currently, there are four classes for Juniors and three classes for Adults each week of the school term.  


Cost example:

Junior Membership Fee                     $  20
Junior Training Fee (Term 1).            $125
Total for Term 1                                 $145

Total for Term 2                                  $125


Beginners Starter Pack Special for 2019*

Junior $205    Adult $245

Our Beginners Starter Pack includes:

    • Annual Membership Fee (thru December 2019)
    • New Aikido Training Uniform (Dogi) and White Belt
    • Term Training Fees

Please note that seminars and gradings may incur an additional charge.

*Special Junior price of $205 applies to dogi sizes up to Size 2.  Larger sizes add $20.
*Special Adult price of $245 applies to dogi sizes up to Size 4.  Larger sizes add $20.